Brown Sugar bar is spread over 3 floors with each floor offering a different vibe. Having worked with the client before, they brought us in at that start of this project. The brief was to supply a high quality bar sound system right throughout the venue including the outside areas. The client wanted the ability to have different music over each floor and for it to be controllable easily by the staff.

We opted for Bose cabinet speakers downstairs in the café area, ceiling speakers In every toilet and hidden under the balcony to serve the front patio area. On the first floor restaurant area we installed Martin audio speakers in each corner and a Bose outdoor speaker on the balcony. On the second floor bar area we went for a slightly larger Martin audio setup with an additional 18” sub built into the wall to save space and not look obtrusive.

Behind each bar we mounted an iPad and a volume plate so the staff can easily select music and control volume. Additionally, we fitted an XLR socket on the top floor that a DJ can plug into. This can be selected to all floors if needed by using a source switch on each floor, making the system versatile. For the toilets the client requested comedy which we set up so it plays on a constant 40 hour loop. At the clients request we set up the outdoor speakers with an on/off timer to adhere with their music licensing hours and to eliminate any risk of staff forgetting to turn the outside music off.

The system was professionally set up using a microphone & software analysis. All amplifiers and addition kit was fit into a cabinet rack in a cupboard on wheels so it can be easily pulled out to be worked on.

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