A car showroom in Barrow had recently suffered from a break-in. Being the local security and alarm experts, they immediately got in touch with us to see how we could help. The same day we sent Jamie out to do a site survey to work out what the best course of action would be to protect the business from further break ins.

The Survey

After doing the survey Jamie suggested an Ajax alarm system. The Ajax alarms are a wireless security hub where you can expand the functionality of it at a later date, meaning that if the client wanted to add additional functionality such as a fire alarm, then they could. Another fantast feature of Ajax alarms is that it immediately sends notifications to your phone, so night or day you’ll be made aware of any disturbance.

The Install

On the day it was Zack who did the Install. The first job was to mount the PIR sensors, these are used to detect movement even in the dead of night. Once the PIRs were installed Zack installed the door sensors, these would send an alert direct to the customers phone if the doors were opened out of hours. The final stage of the install was to then fit the Sounders and keypad.

We then did a thorough system check and installed the app on the clients’ devices. Making sure it was all in working order and the client knew how to use the system.

In the past we’ve all heard faulty alarms ringing out and assumed it was a false alarm. That’s where our alarms are different, packed full of features and notifications sent direct to your phone or tablet. You can control the system remotely from anywhere in the world and then alert a key holder or security to attend.

The Followup

A week later Jamie did a follow up call to make sure the system was functioning as it should and to get feedback. The client who felt worried and anxious after the break-in told us Jamie that he now had peace of mind, knowing that his business was protected. The system was easy to use and that it was something he should of installed years ago.

If you’re looking for an alarm to protect your home or business then our Ajax alarms are a market leading solution. With real-time alerts, expandable functions and the ability to control the system from anywhere in the world. Get in touch with a member of the team to find out how we can help protect your business.

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