Super fast internet speed in rural locations

Slow internet in rural areas

Living somewhere rural can often be idyllic but can come with frustrations, slow internet being one of them. Our rural internet service can provide super fast internet for homes and businesses in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Whether you live in a forest or on the top of a fell our routers don’t need traditional cables and infrastructure and can be done without the need to run additional cables throughout your property.

What is 4G & 5G?

4G is a wireless signal transmitted via phone masts rather than cables. It is often used by mobile phones to access the internet on the go. Mobile internet has seen massive increases in the last few years with many mobile signals often offering quicker download speeds than traditional broadband. 4G now covers the vast majority of the UK which means it is an ideal solution for to provide faster internet to many rural properties. With the right equipment 4G can be installed very quickly within your property and offer your home or business a reliable and fast internet speed for your home or business.

With 5G internet already being rolled out we will soon be able to offer even faster internet speeds for rural homes and businesses in the Lake District.

Faster internet for rural homes and businesses in Lancaster

DAV visit your property to do a free site survey at a time to suite you. The survey will check that 4G will be suitable for your property and identify where you would like to position the antenna. We will then fit the discrete external antenna to your property, which will connect to a router within your property. You can then use and connect your devices like traditional broadband, with 4G often offering downloads speeds upwards of 60mbps (often more) with will be sufficient for many homes and businesses.

If you have a particularly large home or larger business we can install additional access points within the property to ensure you can receive the internet everywhere within the building & garden.

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