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Discover why so many commercial premises are taken advantage of by unscrupulous thieves and how to avoid being one of them…

Introducing: FREE security assessments for qualifying commercial properties.

Click here to apply for your complimentary commercial security systems report which details where your security vulnerability is and the different options you have to make life so much more difficult for the would-be burglars.

You’re not a criminal, so why would you think like one? Sadly they see your property differently and we believe you have a right to expert advice that keeps you protected.  That’s why we offer this free assessment.

By the end of your personalised survey you will be able to:

  • See clearly where your property would benefit from security systems to deter, detect, or as a last resort, identify criminals.
  • Understand the options available to you within your budget for a commercial security system and the benefits that option will bring.
  • Be confident that your commercial property has a cast iron plan for developing its security systems and outwitting the criminals in the long term.
  • Learn how to spot the chinks in the armour so if you develop the property in the future you know what is needed and where.
  • And so much more…

Not all premises are eligible but if you would like to apply, enter your regular details below and one of our commercial security systems advisors will call you to discuss your survey.


Our expert security system installers are trained to look at the premises and the things you want protecting. Taking into account your budget, we will assess the optimum security protocols for you.

Often, this is a blend of CCTV systems ranging from simple deterrents to remote access view and alert systems.

You may want designated keyholders to be alerted to any unusual behaviours or systems that send a signal directly to a security company or the police.  We will work with you to understand how your daily activity and routine impacts on the commercial security system that best suits your needs

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