We were recently contacted by a client who owns a motorbike garage with a showroom attached. They were looking to do a complete security overhaul of the business after a spate of robberies in the area. With high end motorbikes and lots of equipment and machinery in the premises it was essential that the solution we developed was a comprehensive one. A day later we visited the property to do a full site survey to work with the client to develop the perfect solution for their security problem.

We developed a three-pronged approach to their security problem:

CCTV Security System

We installed a total of 8 CCTV security cameras on the premises, protecting all access points and any property that was particularly high value and could be perceived as a target. The CCTV network provided complete protection and we used high end motorised ColorVu cameras, which meant that the customer could see up to 40m in full colour HD even in the dead of night. The system allowed for remote viewing meaning that the customer could look at the footage real time from anywhere in the world and send footage to authorities if needed. Alerts would also be sent to the customer’s phone if motion was detected on the cameras.

Ajax Motion Detectors

We also installed 6 Ajax motion detectors, which would work with the CCTV system to provide even more comprehensive security cover. If movement was detected it would sound an alarm and send an alert to the customer’s phone. These were positioned strategically throughout the premises to ensure that nobody was getting in or out without being noticed.

Key Fob Access

As part of the Ajax security system, we installed a kay fob access system that would only permit people with a key fob. This provides additional benefits as the management know who is and isn’t in the property at anytime. Allowing management to keep a log of hours and look after staff welfare in the event of a fire alarm going off.

The three systems combined provide a comprehensive security system which means that nobody will be getting into the property unnoticed. With all the systems being remotely managed via any internet enabled device it provides convenience and total peace of mind to the owners of the business. The client told us “DAV were superb from start to finish, they provided advice and guidance every step of the way. They were polite, efficient and followed all Covid-19 rules. The system they installed provides peace of mind and complete security for my business. I would have no problem recommending them to anyone”

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