Everybody knows that home is where the heart is. Home isn’t just memories its where we keep our valuable possession . Unfortunately, this can make it appealing to burglars and there’s an incentive to enter your home illegally and steal your previously mentioned possessions that make your home a happy home.

We secured this home situated in Askam with eight of our full colour CCTV cameras placed strategically around the permitter of the house. These 4G connective cameras allow the owners of the home to view their premises during the day or evening through the use an app with a sound mind that the family home is now fully protected. We covered all the hot spot areas of the property including the front garden area where the clients work van is parked and of course both the front and rear doors to ensure maximum efficiency.

The customer commented on the installation of the CCTV system announcing the following:

“I can sleep better at night knowing DAV have by best interest at heart and ensured my home, van and livelihood are all protected”

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