We were contacted by a farmer in Cartmel in Cumbria. After years of next to no sleep during lambing they were looking for a way of keeping an eye on their flock and the sheep giving birth without having to go down to the barn every couple of hours hour. After the initial conversation we suggested one of our lambing camera systems. They give the farmers the ability to check up remotely via a computer, tablet or phone in HD detail, even in the dead of night.

The Survey

We organised a free site visit, to work out the best way of solving the problem. With lambing cameras there is no one size fits all approach, the system needs to be planned out to make sure the farmer has the best visibility at all time. Jamie suggested two cameras with pan, tilt and zoom functionality. These wide angled cameras meant that the farmer had complete visibility of each barn and could remotely control the camera to get a better view.


The client was happy with the plan and Robbie & Zack set to work on the install the next day. The first job was to mount the cameras on the steel girders 25ft in the air, always a fun job when drilling through reinforced steel girders. We then ran the cameras back to the house where Zack installed the NVR and screen so that the farmer had an easy way of checking on his flock day or night. After the cameras were up and running Zack set up what’s called a tour. A tour will automatically scan the area, slowly panning left and right so that at first glance the client would get a complete visual of his barn. All that was left to do was install the app on the client’s phone and give them a lesson on how to control their new system.

A week later Jamie did a follow up call to check on how the client was getting on. They told him that they couldn’t be happier, and that the system had in fact already saved 6 lambs when the mothers were in distress. Saving the farmer both money and heartache! They also told him that the cameras are a gamechanger, no longer do they have to do 3am visits to the barn, instead they can just do a quick glance at their phone to make sure everything is OK.

If you’re considering lambing cameras then get in touch, they will provide convenience and peace of mind. By providing you the ability to keep an eye out it means you will know when you need to intervene, saving you money by reducing your lost lambs.

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