A customer recently contacted us regarding their internet connection to their home. They’d decided to make the move to Bootle in Cumbria, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The customer worked remotely for an American company, was assured by BT before moving in that they would be able to provide reliable and fast internet services in her new rural home.

The Challenge:

After settling into the customer soon realized that the promise of a good internet connection from BT did not materialise. There was internet connection at all and this posed a significant obstacle to her remote work. Not only was the lack of internet frustrating but it was also threatening the customers livelihood.

Faced with the challenge of no internet at home, the customer resorted to extreme measures to ensure connectivity. For months they worked worked in a lay-by several miles from home, where they could catch a patchy mobile signal.

How we Helped:

The customer reached out to DAV, we specialise in creative solutions to connectivity problems that the mainstream providers don’t offer, especially in rural areas. Knowing the area well and after a site survey we suggested fitting a Starlink system at the property.

Installation of the Starlink System:

Two weeks later we installed a Starlink system at the customers home in Bootle. Our survey found the best location for the system was at the bottom of the garden so we installed the aerial on a post and then ran the line back to the house. We managed to achieve speeds in excess of 200mbps where all other internet providers had failed.


The impact was immediate and huge, we provided super-fast internet to a home that previously had none. This meant the customer no longer had to work from a lay-by miles from home and instead could work comfortable in their office. It also meant that other members of the household could stream, game and download as much as they wanted, improving the customers standard of living.

The impact of DAV’s intervention was transformative for Sarah. The Starlink system not only brought internet connectivity to her remote location but delivered speeds exceeding 200 Mbps. This not only met but surpassed her expectations, enabling her to seamlessly work from the comfort of her own home.

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This is another example of how we can help homes with little to no internet connectivity. Our innovative solutions don’t use the same traditional infrastructure as what the main providers use which means that we can get a great internet connection pretty much anywhere in Cumbria. If you have a home or business that is struggling with your internet connection get in touch to find out how we can help and get your free survey.

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