A homeowner in Ulverston, found themselves struggling with the limitations of rural internet. The thick walls of their farmhouse only adding to their connectivity, restricting internet access to only one room and delivering frustratingly slow speeds. They contacted us to come up with a solution to their slow internet having been failed by the major providers in the area.

DAV’s Solution

Being the local experts in rural internet installation we already recognised the problems. Lack of a fibre connection to the property combined with thick farmhouse walls meant that internet whatever provider the client went with they’d have always struggled. That’s why proposed the installing a Starlink system with additional access points strategically placed throughout the house. This solution would break through the barriers of thick walls, providing consistent, high-speed internet in every room.

The Installation

  1. Site Survey: We did a thorough survey of the farmhouse, considering the layout, wall thickness, and potential obstructions. We also worked out the best place to position the Starlink aerial to provide the quickest speeds possible.
  2. Starlink Installation: A state-of-the-art Starlink system was strategically positioned to optimise signal reception and minimise the visual impact on the traditional home
  3. Additional Access Points: To overcome the challenge of thick walls, we placed additional access points throughout the farmhouse. This included areas where traditional Wi-Fi signals struggled to penetrate, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  4. Configuration and Optimisation: The entire system was configured and optimised to maximise performance. Our engineers fine-tuned the network to guarantee seamless connectivity and speeds exceeding 200mbps in every room.


The Starlink installation transformed the client’s internet experience, providing a robust and reliable connection throughout their rural farmhouse. The limitations imposed by thick walls became a thing of the past, as the client now enjoys super-quick speeds of over 200mbps in every room.

Customer Feedback

The owner was overjoyed with the result, having been failed by the major providers we were able to finally solve their internet problem. They can now stream, play and work without any problems in their beautiful rural home.


We think that everyone in Cumbria deserves fast reliable internet. After years of underinvestment by the major providers our solutions are now solving slow internet speeds across the county. This client was an extreme case and we still provided 200mbps+ to their rural farmhouse, this means we’re more than confident we can provide a reliable and cost effective internet solution to anyone.

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