Slow internet speeds in rural areas have long been a major headache for people across Cumbria. With long term under investment by the major providers there are still many areas with incredibly slow or non-existent internet speeds. We’ve found that this causes issues not only for home owners but for businesses trying to grow in the digital age.

DAV have been at the forefront of emerging technologies for years, and have been installing 4G, 5G and Starlink for as long as they have been available. We’re your local experts who provide cost effective and efficient solutions to slow internet speeds.

The problems:

  1. Limited Infrastructure: Rural areas often lack the necessary broadband infrastructure to support high-speed internet connections. This lack of investment in rural regions has left many residents with outdated and slow internet technologies.
  2. Distance to Network Hubs: Rural homes are frequently located at a considerable distance from network hubs or central offices. This distance can lead to signal degradation and slow speeds.
  3. Limited Provider Options: Rural areas may have fewer internet service providers to choose from, resulting in less competition and fewer incentives for providers to invest in network improvements.
  4. Impact on Education and Business: Slow internet speeds can have a significant impact on education and businesses. Students struggle with online learning, and businesses may be unable to leverage e-commerce or participate in the digital economy.

How DAV Can Help:

DAV are your local experts, problem solvers who will work with you to give you the best options available to provide you with super quick internet speeds. Some of the options we have available include:

4G Routers:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: DAV’s 4G routers provide an immediate solution to rural areas by harnessing existing 4G networks, offering a substantial improvement in connectivity.
  • High-Speed Internet: DAV’s 4G routers deliver high-speed internet, enabling rural residents to access online content, stream videos, and engage in online activities seamlessly.
  • Easy Installation: DAV ensures that installation is hassle-free, making it accessible to individuals and households in rural areas, there’s no digging up to fit new lines, no mess or fuss we connect wirelessly to the network of your choosing.

5G Routers:

Next-Generation Speeds: 5G technology represents the cutting edge of internet connectivity, offering ultra-fast speeds that can revolutionize internet access in rural areas.

Low Latency: DAV’s 5G routers minimise latency, making them suitable for applications that require real-time interaction, such as remote work, telemedicine, and online gaming.

  • Scalability: DAV’s 5G solutions are designed for scalability, allowing more rural communities to access high-speed internet as 5G networks expand.

Starlink Routers

You have probably heard about Starlink internet in the news, super fast and quick to install it offers fantastic coverage to large areas and unbeatable speeds.

  • Global Reach: DAV partners with Starlink, bringing satellite internet to rural areas that have been historically underserved due to challenging terrain or a lack of traditional infrastructure.
  • Reliable Connection: Starlink’s satellite constellation offers a reliable connection, even in remote locations, helping rural residents overcome geographical barriers.
  • Quick Setup: DAV simplifies the installation process for Starlink, ensuring that rural customers can get connected with ease.

DAV can work with you to provide advice and support to help you get super quick internet. Our rural internet solutions are quick and easy to install and can will dramatically increase your internet speeds for your home or business. Regardless of where you are our engineers will work out the best solutions for you so that you can work, stream and game with no buffering or frustration

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