My internet is slow, and my provider says there is nothing they can do!

You take out a contract with a major provider promising super quick internet speeds only to be left frustrated whilst trying to watch your favourite TV show or game online. Sound familiar? Often internet providers will tell you that there is nothing they can do as it’s the speed going into your home or business is the speed they promise you, what they don’t tell you is that this get weakened the second this speed leaves your router. We are experts at identifying internet issues and providing solutions and alternatives to the traditional service you would get, especially in rural areas.

The first thing you need to do is do an internet speed test, if you search ‘internet speed test’ on Google the first result is Google’s own speed checker, this will give you a good indication if your provider is supplying the speed to your home or business they promised. Often may providers will give you a speed guarantee so it’s always worth checking with them if you aren’t receiving the speeds promised.

Unfortunately resolving internet issues is not always straight forward and often your supplier will basically tell you that there is nothing they can do, that’s where we come in. We can visit your home or business and identify what is causing the issues and provide solutions to your problems.

Network Access Points

One of the solutions we can provide is network access points, these are really good for extending the range of your router and are great for high volume use in a busy home or even pub. They allow a few multiple people to access the internet with a very good distribution range

4G Router or Starlink

These are the latest tech in internet solutions and are especially suited if you live in a rural location with poor connection from traditional providers. They do not rely on the infrastructure of fibre and instead work wirelessly via satellites or mobile phones. We can install a small router on your home or business, and this then acts as any normal Wi-Fi would, often providing speeds of up to 100mbs.

Run Ethernet Cables Through Your Home

Often the speed coming from your router is relatively good but the minute you step into another room or go upstairs you run into issues. This is caused by a few things but walls and distance are a major factor in the signal being weakened. To get around this we can run cables throughout your home and provide access points where you need them, this is ideal for gamers who need a strong consistent signal. The cables would be hidden and would not be visible making them an elegant solution.

Identify faults with internal lines

Sometimes tech breaks, accidents happen, and this might not mean your internet will stop working completely. Sometimes if a wire is damaged it can still provide a much weaker signal. We can identify any issues and replace any damaged devices or wiring.


Having internet is essential for any home or business nowadays and is often a major cause of frustration. Unfortunately, the major providers are not willing to help and issues are difficult to identify. That’s where we come in, our experts have years of experience solving internet issues and will provide a totally free consultation.

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