5G rural Internet solution for a large home on the outskirts of London.

We recently had a customer contact us about installing internet at their home a few miles outside of London. Having already done work for their business based in Cumbria they wanted us to do the work rather than a local company. The customer lived in a large rural property with little to no infrastructure around it so traditional fibre didn’t run to the property. They were only getting speeds of approximately 10mbps and with a large family all wanting to use the internet at once spread around the house it just wasn’t fast enough.

We visited the property and whilst doing a survey identified that they would receive 5G signal. We opted to install a 5G aerial at the property which would enable them to receive speeds of approximately 200mbps. Such fast speeds would be more than sufficient allowing them to effortlessly download and stream multiple things at once.

Routers only send the internet signal a certain distance and with it being such a large property the customer would still struggle to get their signal in all areas of the house and garden. We installed five distribution boxes which would mean that they would have the strongest and quickest signal in all areas.

The customer told us “No mess, no fuss just super-fast internet! We no longer have to wait for our films to buffer and the kids can play on their Xbox at the same time. Really happy with the service provided and can’t wait to be able to watch Netflix in the garden next summer”

Our internet services are perfect for rural properties or those that don’t yet have the infrastructure of the big towns and cities. Our routers don’t rely on the traditional cabling and instead use 4G and 5G antennas to wirelessly provide a fast and reliable internet service to your home. With no cabling and just a small antenna fitted to your property installation can be done quickly and mess free.

If you’re struggling with slow internet get in touch, we offer a free survey and quote and will be happy to advice which solution would solve your internet problem.

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