Why use DAV for Starlink Installation.

DAV are your local experts for Starlink installation in Cumbria, revolutionizing connectivity for rural homes and businesses.

Being locals, we know that internet speeds can be extremely poor across Cumbria. After years of under investment by the major internet providers large areas of Cumbria are left with slow speeds or an unreliable connection. We’ve become the experts in providing rural internet solutions to customers throughout Cumbria. We pride ourselves on being the experts in bringing Starlink to your doorstep, empowering rural Cumbria with fast, reliable, and globally connected internet.

Starlink internet doesn’t need traditional infrastructure so doesn’t rely on the likes of Openreach or Virgin laying cables. It connects wirelessly to low latency satellites meaning that there’s no digging, no fuss and you can be quickly connected to a super quick (often 200mbps+) and reliable internet connection.

Expertise in Rural Internet:

  1. Personalised Solutions: We’ve been fitting Starlink systems for years and over that time we’ve overcome every challenge the diverse Cumbrian landscape can throw at us. Our experts assess each location individually, creating customised solutions that optimize Starlink’s capabilities for your needs.
  2. Strategic Installations: Rural areas sometimes demand strategic thinking. Our engineers take the time to find the ideal placement of your Starlink system, providing maximum coverage and minimal signal disruptions. We also know that we live in a beautiful area and sometimes you don’t want an aerial no matter how small standing out ruining the look of your home.
  3. Industry-Leading Technology: As technology evolves, so do we. DAV stays at the forefront of industry advancements to provide you with the latest and most reliable equipment for your Starlink installation. Expect nothing but excellence in hardware and technology that ensures consistent, high-speed internet.

Why Choose DAV for Starlink Installation in Cumbria:

  1. We Care: We are more than just expert engineers; we’re your neighbours. We love Cumbria and think that we deserve internet as quick and reliable as everywhere else in the country. Fast, reliable internet can transform lives, providing not only connectivity and entertainment but in todays world it is essential for businesses.
  2. We Know Our Stuff: We’ve been installing 4G, 5G and Starlink systems in Cumbria for years. We’ve overcome all hurdles that Cumbria has to throw at us and have a 100% track record of providing quick and reliable internet, no matter how rural you are.
  3. Five Star Service: We’re incredibly proud of our reputation and it shows, we’ve got over 200 5 star reviews on Google, so you’ll have complete peace of mind you’re getting a great service and great value.

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