Improving the Atmosphere, with Outdoor Sound System in Barrow in Furness


DAV, a trusted provider of TV, Audio and Security solutions was approached by the Bumble Bee Shop and Cafe in Barrow in Furness for a project. Having previously worked together on installing a sound system DAV was invited back to enhance the customer experience by extending the audio ambiance, to the cafés outdoor area.

The Challenge;

The clients aim was to create an enticing atmosphere by playing background music. This way they wanted to attract people passing by and make their café more appealing. The main challenge was finding an audio solution that would seamlessly blend with the cafés aesthetic while giving control to the staff.

The Solution;

DAVs expert team, led by technicians Zack and Jamie developed a customised solution that perfectly met the clients needs. After consideration they opted for installing a speaker with Tannoy style design. This choice not provided sound quality but also seamlessly blended with the cafés exterior.

Here are some key steps taken to address this challenge;

The team, at DAV. Installed a speaker for the area of the café that perfectly matched its architecture and design. They took care in concealing the cables to maintain the appeal of the space. Additionally they provided a volume control unit inside the café allowing staff to independently adjust the volume and create an atmosphere for customers.

The collaboration between DAV and Bumble Bee Shop and Cafe was a success exceeding the clients expectations. The addition of a Tannoy style speaker enhanced the ambiance of the café attracting customers and creating a warm environment. The installation was seamlessly integrated with the cafés exterior preserving its appeal. The client expressed satisfaction, with both the auditory aspects of this project especially appreciating the staffs ability to control volume independently.

In conclusion DAV again demonstrated their expertise, in TV, Audio and Security solutions by completing a project at the Bumble Bee Shop and Cafe in Barrow in Furness. The careful selection of equipment precise installation and provision of control highlighted DAVs commitment to meeting their clients unique needs.

This real life example showcases how DAV offers customised solutions that not fulfil requirements but also enhance the overall ambiance and visual appeal of a business establishment. It serves as evidence of DAVs focus, on customer satisfaction and their ability to create captivating experiences.

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