How much does CCTV cost?

CCTV was once only found protecting businesses and government offices, but with it now being more affordable, people are choosing to safeguard their home with CCTV. A question we frequently get asked is about the cost of installing CCTV. There is no one price fits all, as every customer will have different requirements, which can and do alter the cost. The below are several of these factors which should be taken into consideration:

The quantity of cameras

The number of cameras installed can have a major effect on how much the installation will cost. It could be that you would just like to monitor one access point, alternatively it could be that you would like all corners of your home protected, which would mean more cameras being installed and therefore more wiring. In the free home survey, our DAV engineers will give you an indication on what number would be required to fully secure your home.

The location of the cameras

Indoor CCTV cameras tend to be cheaper than outdoor ones, as they don’t need protecting in weatherproof housing. An external camera needs to withstand the wind, rain and snow for many years. There is also the additional consideration of the wiring and junction boxes that need to be protected from the elements.

The quality of the image and sound

Camera technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Gone are the days of grainy silhouetted figures – basic cameras are now 1080p quality as standard, and top end cameras can achieve 4K quality imagery. Prices vary greatly depending on the cameras used. Most cameras do not include sound recording technology as standard. If sound is a requirement to you, our engineers can provide guidance to ensure the CCTV system we install meets all of your needs.

The type of cameras

There is a wide variety of cameras available on the market today. We only use the best quality cameras that are tried and tested. The most popular camera we install is a dome camera, these are fully weatherproof, small and discreet and can be positioned directly on to an external wall without brackets. They are a fantastic all rounder and are relatively inexpensive.

Bullet cameras are an alternative to dome cameras. They are what most people picture when you say CCTV camera to them. They offer similar variations and quality to a dome camera but are often a little larger and protrude from the wall a little more.

PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) are more expensive than your standard dome or bullet camera. This is because they can be moved, either using an app on your phone or via a computer. They can follow a subject across a wider field of view and are usually installed at commercial properties where someone will be monitoring them 24-7.

Hard Drive

All of our CCTV systems can be viewed live from any phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. As well as live streaming, you can have a secure backup of your footage on a hard drive located somewhere in your home. Hard drives can vary in price depending upon the memory size. Having a larger hard drive means that you can record for longer without the system having to record over old footage. The number of cameras you have installed will also affect this as multiple streams will take up more memory.

In Summary

Installing CCTV in your home can be a minefield! Self installations often turn out to be much more expensive than initially thought and using inferior equipment means it is unreliable and will often not do the job when it’s really needed.

Due to the amount of variables, it is incredibly difficult to give an accurate quote online, so we provide the next best thing, a free home survey and advice on what options are available to you. All our engineers are fully qualified and have years of experience. They will work with you to design a CCTV system that will protect your home, belongings and family for many years to come. All our work comes with a full 1 year warranty on parts and labour. All our surveys are no obligation, free of charge and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

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