A massive 40 camera CCTV system for Stollers in Barrow, covering the shop and warehouse.


Stollers, a large furniture store in Barrow in Furness contacted us regarding enhancing its security measures to safeguard its premises, stock and customers. They chose DAV, to design and install a CCTV system that would protect the entire shop and warehouse, whilst allowing for additional cameras in the future.


Extensive Coverage; Stollers needed surveillance coverage across areas of their shop including showrooms, storage spaces and outdoor areas. With the vast size of the shop creating a network of cameras that covered such a vast area was challenging.

Remote Monitoring; The client needed a solution that would enable monitoring of the premises with real time access to surveillance footage.

Scalability; To accommodate growth and evolving security needs the system had to be easily expandable and scalable.

Project Scope

Initial Survey; DAV started the project by conducting an survey of Stollers security needs. This involved analysing the stores layout and identifying areas requiring surveillance coverage.

System Design; Based on this assessment DAV devised a encompassing CCTV system comprising 40 positioned cameras throughout the store. The design ensured coverage of both outdoor spaces.

Installation; A team of technicians, from DAV efficiently completed the installation process within a span of two weeks. This process involved setting up cameras installing cables and configuring the system to achieve performance. This was done around the stores opening times to avoid disrupting trade.

Setting up Remote Monitoring; DAV integrated the CCTV system with monitoring capabilities allowing authorised personnel to access camera feeds and recorded footage remotely via smartphones, tablets or computers.

Training Sessions; To ensure that the staff, at Stollers could effectively utilise the system DAV provided training on how to operate the cameras and use the monitoring platform.

Future Expansion Plans; DAV designed the system with scalability in mind. The infrastructure allows for incorporation of cameras or advanced features as per Stollers evolving security needs.

Successful Project Completion;

DAV successfully installed the CCTV system at Stollers Furniture Store providing surveillance coverage, remote monitoring capabilities and a scalable solution. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Benefits and Outcomes

Enhanced Security Measures; The installation of 40 CCTV cameras enhanced security by monitoring all areas of the store deterring potential threats and providing valuable evidence in case of incidents.

Remote Monitoring Capability; Stollers gained the ability to remotely monitor their premises enabling them to respond in time to security events or incidents from any location.

Scalability; The design of this system allows for expansion in order to adapt to changes, in Stollers security requirements.

Peace of Mind; Both Stollers and its customers can now experience an increased sense of security knowing that their safety and valuable possessions are being effectively protected.

Professional Service; DAVs expertise, in integrating and installing security systems ensured the delivery of a high quality solution that can be relied upon.


By installing a new CCTV system at Stollers in Barrow in Furness DAV not only addressed the immediate security requirements of the client but also provided a flexible and scalable solution for the future. This project serves as evidence for the significance of security measures, in safeguarding businesses and their assets ultimately contributing to a sense of security and operational efficiency.

Feedback from The Client

“Working with DAV has been a great experience. Jamie was very helpful during the quoting process and took the time to understand our needs and what would work best for us. The installation team was professional and efficient, completing the job quickly. We are very satisfied with the work that DAV has done and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a quality CCTV system.”

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