CCTV and alarm system for a property with no internet in Lancaster

Recently we were contacted by a customer in Lancaster who wanted to secure a converted barn they were using as an office / garage to store their prized motorbikes and working area. The barn was located some distance away from amenities which meant that receiving Wi-Fi would be an obstacle as the customer was requesting to have CCTV and alarms which both use Wi-Fi to provide you with real-time footage and alerts.

We visited the property and after checking out the bikes, did a full site survey of how we thought would be the best way to secure the barn. The first thing we had to do was establish a secure Wi-Fi connection for the barn, we did this by creating a wireless bridge from the nearby property to provide a stable and secure internet connection. We then worked out that installing five ColorVu CCTV cameras would ensure that all access points and the bikes were covered. Finally, we installed a Ajax motion sensor alarm, this would mean that if any movement was detected within the barn then the owners would know about it.

By using ColorVu cameras it means that the barn is protected in full colour with HD resolution day and night. They are able to record the smallest details even when there is little to no light. It also means that the owners are able to check on their property real time from anywhere in the world using an app on their phone, providing peace of mind for when they are away from the house. The combination of the alarm system and CCTV cameras provide the ultimate security, alerting them the second something is wrong. It’s like having a security guard 365 days a year!

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