We were recently contacted by a customer that was concerned about local burglaries in the area, near Kendal. We offered a free site survey and subsequently proposed a 4 camera CCTV security system. This ensured complete coverage around the customers home.

We mounted a wide angled dome camera on each side of the property, this gave a good view around the perimeter leaving no blind spots. The cameras were set up on motion detect so they only record footage when there is movement. This method saves hard drive space and makes  recorded footage quick and easy to view.
All cables were then run back to a central cupboard were we housed all the equipment in a lockable cabinet.

We set the system up so the customer could view all the cameras in full HD on every TV around the house. An app was installed on all the customers Phones and Tablets. This meant they can view the cameras live or look back at any recordings anywhere.

We then set up an alarm alert for the the customer to receive a notification and photograph whenever somebody enters their garden. This feature can easily be turned on and off from the app.

The customer later said:

“I feel so much safer in my home, the CCTV cameras not only act as that extra layer of security but they are a deterrent as well. It feels like home again! The engineers did a fantastic job and I would recommend them to anyone”

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