We were recently contacted by a farmer just outside Millom in Cumbria enquiring about Calving Cameras as a solution to a problem he was having. The farmer lived a mile down the track from his farm. It was calving season and he was having to get up every few hours to go check on his cows. By the time he had done this he was wide awake so he wasn’t getting much sleep. He wanted know if there was some way of keeping an eye on the calving shed remotely.

Having to check on the cows every couple of hours was time consuming, exhausting for the farmer and expensive. If he lost a calf while he slept each calf potentially costing up to £800.

We designed a calving CCTV camera system to suit his needs. A Pan Tilt Zoom Camera was installed in the centre of the calving shed with a cable running back to a wireless bridge that we mounted outside at the top of the barn. The signal was then transmitted to a mile away to the farmers house. All the kit was then connected to the internet system. We then configured the system and set him up with an app on his phone. From there he can check live to the calving shed and move the cameras 360 degrees and zoom in to check on the calving cows. The camera could see up to 100m in the dark, we even fitted him a microphone so he could listen in as well.

Skip forward a couple of years and we have installed an additional 3 cameras on the farm providing a comprehensive calving camera CCTV system. The farmer explained how much his life had improved by not having to visit the farm throughout the night and they have paid for themselves very quickly by not loosing any calves. The CCTV system also acted as security and as a deterrent on the farm which provides helps the farmer and his family sleep well at night.

The customer later said:

“DAV installed a Calving Camera CCTV system in my Calving shed, this has meant I can sleep easy at night and it has saved me a fortune! I don’t have to stay up all night worrying and can keep an eye on them from the comfort of my sofa”

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